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Maxine Henry, brings joy and happiness to others. A ray of sunshine. The organizing efficiency expert with over 20 years of experience eliminating clutter and organizing lives.

Her skills for organizing stems from her significant roles in school as a class monitor, years in boarding school and a Mom who had excellent organizing and time management skills.
Her extensive background in accounting, bookkeeping,  administration and family management gradually evolved into Maxine the Maximizer in 2004.

Maxine received the Microskills Entrepreneur Award 2002, and has appeared on television and in a variety of newspaper and web-site articles.


A motivator, inspirational speaker and event planner. Her wittiness makes getting organized seamless.

The most successful people will agree "Organization  is the key to their success."

Hence, it is my job to help others to refocus, learn the basic organizing skills (to reclaim their space, so they can maximize their time and renew their peace of mind) that will help them to meet their daily objectives and add to their success.




Maxine the Maximizer




Maxine The Maximizer 
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